3 Steps to Ditch Digital Clutter

Spring Cleaning: 3 Quick Ways to Ditch Digital Clutter


In the office, a significant, yet commonly overlooked clutter exists within your cellphone and computer hard drive. This lingering chaos causes you underlying stress and a cluttered mind.

1. Sort Through Email Junk
Make it a priority to sort through your emails. Delete or archive any non-relevant emails. Also, take this time to part with the automatic notifications from last season. You don’t want to risk re-cluttering your inbox.

2. Create Desktop Folders
Your computer desktop is the first thing you see when you sit down at your desk in the morning. Ensure that it is welcoming. Disorganized icons are not only stressful to look at, but make it extremely difficult to find anything. Create and label desktop folders by task. This simple digital filing system will immensely increase productivity and efficiency.

3. Revamp Digital Appearance!
Staring at the same screen all day can become tiresome. Update your default screen savor to an uplifting photograph, like a beach scene or favorite vacation spot. Set your screen saver to a photo montage of fun memories (work-friendly shots, of course). Replace your old grey mouse pad with something a bit more colorful. Add a keyboard cover with a funky pattern or brightly colored design. You’d be amazed at the positive results on your psyche.

Just a note: For security reasons, change your password!  It is important to be cautious with your personal and work information. The same recycled password is vulnerable on the Internet.