Work Station Revamp

Revamp Your Workstations: Quick-Easy-Affordable


Workstations can take a beaten over the years; from random scuff marks to massive spills. And let’s face it, there are just some things Mr. Clean can’t fix.

Cubicle By Design recognizes that buying new furniture can’t always make into your budget. This is why we now offer FreshFIT™, a self-adhesive panel overlay tile. It is easier than ever to refresh and revamp tired workstations, at a fraction of the cost to purchase new office furniture.

Add bright colors, custom design or new functionality, like whiteboard, to your current panels without any hassle. FreshFIT™ works on all systems and is simple to install; just align and press into place. By using FreshFIT™ you are extending the service life of your workstations which leads to saving money in the long run.

Give your office environment a facelift!  It’s quick, easy and affordable. Contact us to find out how you can revamp your workstations.