4 Simple Steps To a Relaxed Cubicle Environment

So, you’re moving into a new workspace or looking to revamp your already worn-in cubicle. Why not take this time to include simple changes, like personalizing your cubicle, to create a relaxing office environment. Spicing up your surroundings can have a great emotional impact, fueling a positive working environment; while, lifting your spirit throughout the day. Get started with these simple steps.

Step 1: Organize and Prioritize
You want to make the most of your cubicle. Clutter is the enemy. Keeping this in mind, first make a list of essential supplies (pens, sticky notes, paper clips etc). Once you’ve sifted out dispensable items, organize! Sort materials into drawers or containers (color coordination always helps). Don’t leave miscellaneous items flailing about.

Step 2: Decorate and Customize
Have fun with it. This is your space to express yourself. Feel free to display important mementos, such as family pictures or sports team schedules. It’s always nice to exhibit pride in your university emblem or favorite sports team logo.

Step 3: Encourage Healthy Habits
What you store in your cubicle matters. Always have a water bottle, and refill regularly. It’s no secret that hydration is key to a productive day at the office. Leave the candy behind and supplement with energy infused items, such as fruit and nuts to snack on throughout the day. Don’t overdose on caffeine. Replace your afternoon coffee run with a cup of tea to reboot and energize.

Step 4: Be a Good Neighbor!
Don’t be the one that every employee complains about. A friendly environment contributes to a a relaxed, yet professional atmosphere, triggering the flow of collaborative ideas and innovation.