Most Popular Cubicle Configurations

These popular cubicle configurations are more quickly available. If you have a longer lead-time, you have an even greater choice of cubicle colors, configurations, features, and options.

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All our cubicle workstations can be outfitted with the new sit-stand ergonomic options.

Call Center Cubicles

Ideal for task-oriented workers who do not need a lot of room to work. Great for telemarketing customer service representatives and sales staff. Our most basic office workstation design.

Reception Cubicles

Here is where you make your very first impression. Our wide variety of reception desk cubicles allows you to set the tone that represents your business best.

Workstation Cubicles

Satisfied, productive employees must be in an office workstation that is comfortable, the right size and functions best for their jobs. Your employees are your greatest resource and your profit and productivity depends on them. We offer every cubicle option and can help you assess their needs.

Managerial Cubicles

Managerial cubicles are a great option when completely private offices are not available. Today’s office workstations can be incredibly spacious, and give your managers the layout and room they need to perform as leaders.

Cubicle Workspaces

Options for every style and function

Gen X and Millennials have fueled the evolution of workspace design. Cubicle by Design can help you plan for today’s workforce with the right mix in your offices, such as activity-based workstations, collaborative areas, heads-down work cubicles, executive suites, and reception areas.

Visit our interactive Cubicle Designer to visualize what some of our most popular products could look like with your personal touch.

Multiple person workstations with flexible configuration

Timing is Everything

Rome wasn’t built in a day–but sometimes it needs to be, and we can handle that. However, if your lead-time is 30 days or more, CBD offers vastly more cubicle design choices.

Either way, you’ll want to speak with one of our experts to guide you to the best office workstation options for your needs.

Let us lift this burden off your shoulders—we’ll guide you through a painless process to a stunning new workplace.

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