Ergonomic Benefits

Increase productivity and satisfaction with our ergonomic sit-stand desks

The benefits of employees using standing desks can be reflected throughout the entire business. Employees are more loyal to companies that show commitment to lowering stress and creating a healthy environment. When employee turnover costs billions of dollars a year, employee satisfaction and retention become necessary for your bottom line.


Tip: Check with your insurance company to see how you can use wellness credits towards your purchase.

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Top Talent

Top employees, especially millennials, are looking for work-life integration that is healthy, flexible, and pleasant.

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Retain Your
Best Employees

Ergonomic workspaces show employees you value them, their comfort, and health.

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Reduce days off and workplace injuries

Musculoskeletal disorders cost businesses over 45 billion dollars annually. Days off and injuries have been shown to drop dramatically in companies that embrace ergonomic solutions.

There are health & productivity benefits to sitting & standing desks.