Cubicle Terminology

A resource to help you learn the language of cubicles

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We have provided some definitions of basic cube-related terms to help you during the buying process. Topics include storage, shelving, and other cubicle terminology, as well as industry terms.

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Work Surface

The desk area of a cubicle. Available in various finishes.


The metal portions of the cube that connect all the parts, such as finished ends, kick plates, metal bases, and connectors.

Kick Plate & Metal Bases

Used as covers for the bottom of the cubicle wall, these items provide sturdiness to the unit while adding aesthetic value.

Cubicle Configurations

In-Line Cubicles

Cubicle layout in which cubes are set side-by-side only.

Back-to-Back Cubicles

Cubicle layout in which cubes are set side-by-side and back-to-back, usually forming clusters.

Stand Alone Cubicles

You guessed it. Cubes that are by themselves in an environment.


Box-Box File (BBF) Pedestal

A storage cabinet with two smaller drawers and a larger filing drawer. Locks available.

File-File (FF) Pedestal

A storage cabinet with two filing drawers. Locks available.

Lateral File Cabinet

Two large storage cabinets ideal for documents and other office supplies. Typically 30” in length. Locks available.

Binder Bin with Lock

An enclosed shelf with a locking door. The door is set horizontally and opens upward, and is perfect for storing bulky items like large binders and/or important items.


Full Height Shelf

Shelving found in cubicles with higher side panels, typically as large as the Binder Bins but not enclosed.

Half Height Shelf

Shelving located approximately half way up between the work surface and the top of the cubicle panel. Found in cubicles with higher side panels.

Center Drawer

A small drawer located in the middle of a work surface that can be used for storage of smaller items.

Electricity & Lighting

Base Feed

An electrical hook-up to a wall or floor outlet.

Power Pole

A structural pole that houses electricity and data.

Task Light

LED lights that can be attached under binder bins and various shelves.



A board employees can fasten papers, schedules, and other items to via thumb tacks.

Keyboard Tray

A storage cabinet with two filing drawers. Locks available.

Industry Terms

Herman Miller

Large manufacturer credited with inventing the modern cubicle.

Action Office II/AO2

Name of the original office cubicle product. Many of today’s cubicles are based on this design. Some are known as “AO2 clones.