Cubicle Buying Guide

Our team will lead you through the entire process, but this page will help you become a more informed buyer.

When you buy office cubicles, you’re investing in your company’s future, so it’s important to get it right the first time. Understanding the process will help you with the many choices before you–starting with choosing a company that will fully support you in bringing your vision to fruition.


Browse the images throughout our site to get a feel for how new cubicles could look. Use our interactive Cubicle Designer to play with some of our most popular cubicle options. You can also get ideas by viewing our Cubicle Gallery. By all means, have fun! This should be an exciting and pleasant process, so enjoy it.

Customizing your cubicles and workstations for better office design
office cubicle furniture

Your Starting Point

Your workplace should reflect your company brand, in form and function. These questions will help ensure that your furnishing choices are in alignment.


  • What do you want your office to say about your company?
  • Is your company friendly and creative or serious and informative? Is it reserved and composed or bold and adventurous?
  • What brand, tone and culture are you are trying to create?
  • How important is a green environment?
  • What future needs, in terms of employees, technology, and equipment, do you foresee?
  • How important is office flexibility?
  • What balance do you need between privacy and collaborative space?

Choose the Right Company

Office space planning is complicated. A skilled partner to guide and handle all the worrisome details is what’s called for. That’s what we love to do.


  • The company you choose should embrace the job from start to finish, educating you, working with you on design and all the way through installation. Talk to our experts.
  • Check reviews and case studies thoroughly, make sure a company has a proven track record.
  • Ask for a project manager who is readily available to you.
  • Demand expert follow-through during the entire process.


Here at CBD, we are always happy to help you in every way possible.  Please contact us to with any questions and to see how we can help.

Office Furniture Cubicles
Office Furniture Cubicles

Budget: Focus on Value

Don’t confuse price with value. Your cubicle purchase will serve you for many years. Saving money in the short term may result in significant costs, time and stress in the long run. Here are some tips to avoid pitfalls.


  • Identify the support that will be available to you, after the purchase.
  • Don’t assume a well-known brand provides more value.
  • Check all warranties carefully.
  • Know all the product specifications.
  • Ask if the company will provide your organization with a project manager to ensure the success of the project during and after installation.

Your Employees: The Key to Productivity

Your office workspace plays a huge role in attracting and retaining great employees.


  • Comfort is everything. Uncomfortable employees will result in unproductive employees, or worse, gone employees.
  • Happy employees who enjoy coming to work are more productive.
  • Buying ergonomic office furniture is a greater value because it will alleviate stress, increase alertness, reduce sick time, decrease Workers Compensation claims and helps satisfy OSHA requirements.
  • Analyze worker flow: who works with whom, which teams collaborate, where should the water cooler be?
Office Furniture Cubicles
Office Furniture Cubicles

The Logistics

When it comes to cubicle buying, shipping, and installation, it’s all in the details.


  • Allow enough lead time to have your workspace completed, when you need it.
  • Be ready for installation. Back up computers, purge files and pack everything.
  • Consider all current and likely future technology and equipment needs.
  • Plan for proper lighting.
  • Buy the right size office furniture and cubicles. Know the space needs of employees, based on the tasks they are responsible for.

Ready to get started on your office design? Speak with an expert.