Office Seating Options That Aren’t A Pain In The Neck

The right office chair can make such a difference in how comfortable you or your employees are at work. With proper support, it’s easier to settle into your desk and focus on the task at hand. With the help of a great chair, you can really feel productive and improve the overall work ethic of the office space. There are some great cubicle furniture options out there, you just have to find them.


The Freedom chair by Cubicle by design is a great chair to start with. This chair is one that is going to support tons of different job types and help you to feel great. With an adjustable weight-sensitive recline, the chair will support you in whatever way you need. You can also get additional color options and you can be sure that you are going to have long-lasting comfort. These chairs have won over 10 awards for design and are fantastic for a range of users.


The Liberty chair is one that is not only comfortable, but that is also stylish. This chair is a custom fit for those using it. It has a mesh back for breathability and intelligent technology that helps you to really feel good in your hips and spine while seated. They are also fantastic if you need something that is going to be comfortable while you are using it, but that you can get up and move around with as well.


For those that are looking for a great meeting chair or common area chair, this is a fantastic option. It is comfortable, easy to use, and breathable. They are easily stackable for simple storage. These are great if you need extra seating and you want to make sure that you are able to provide comfortable seating for meetings and anyone that might be coming to your office space.

Shop Cubicle By Design

No matter what type of chair you need, Cubicle by Design is a great option that can provide you with exactly what you need for your office, your employees, and anyone that is going to be spending time in the office. You need a comfortable chair that helps you feel good so you can be more productive during working hours. The right chair can make such a difference and can help you to feel great, focus, and really make a big difference in how you approach work every day.

Is It the Right Time to Expand Your Office?

As an office manager or business owner, you understand the importance of creating a productive and efficient workplace environment. One aspect of this is having the right office interior design. There are some signs to look for that it may be time to expand your office, and Cubicle By Design is ready to help. 

Lack Of Space

One of the most obvious signs that it’s time to upgrade your office is if it’s starting to feel cramped and cluttered. Your employees need a space that is comfortable in order to be efficient. If your employees are cramped, it can lead to decreased productivity and morale. If you’re experiencing growth in your business, it may be time to consider expanding your office. This can also include rearranging your current space to create more room for your employees.

Outdated Furniture

Another sign that it’s time to upgrade your office is if your furniture is outdated, damaged, or otherwise unsightly. Furniture that is outdated or damaged can make your office appear unprofessional and can also make your employees uncomfortable. Upgrading your office furniture can improve the appearance of your office and increase employee morale. This is particularly important if clients visit the offices for meetings or presentations.

Inefficient Workflow

If your employees are struggling to work efficiently, it may be time to upgrade your office. This can include improving the layout of your office or upgrading your office workstation cubicle design. Upgrading your office workstations can improve the flow of work and increase productivity.

Cubicle By Design offers a wide range of office interior design services to help upgrade your office. We offer a variety of cubicle shelves, such as the Trace Bookcase, that can help maximize space in your office. We also offer cubicle systems, such as the Zira collection, that can improve the flow of work and increase productivity. With customized solutions to meet the specific needs of your office, you’ll find better overall office energy. 

Attracting & Retaining Employees

If you’re having trouble attracting and retaining employees, it may be time to upgrade your office. An outdated or uncomfortable office can make it difficult to attract and retain top talent. Upgrading your office can make it more attractive to potential employees and help retain existing employees.

Upgrade Now With Cubical By Design

If you’re considering upgrading your office, it’s important to determine if it’s the right time to do so. If you’re experiencing a lack of space, outdated furniture, inefficient workflow, or trouble attracting and retaining employees, it may be time to upgrade your office. The team at Cubicle By Design can help you upgrade your office with their customized office interior design solutions.

At Cubicle By Design, we understand the importance of creating a productive and efficient workplace environment. Our goal is to help you create the perfect office interior design to meet the specific needs of your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help upgrade your office.

What To Do About a Lack of Synergy in the Workplace

One of the best things you can do for your workplace is to offer an atmosphere that is welcoming and positive for a group of individuals who will spend numerous hours together each week. One of the best ways to achieve that in your workplace is through synergy. Synergy is not only achieved by a supportive management team but can be as simple as providing quality workstation office furniture to show your employees that you care. 

What Is Synergy?

When you hear the term synergy, it is in reference to a team assembling and developing a cohesive working environment. It takes the effort of all parties involved for synergy to develop and become effective. This idea of positive energy can be beneficial in all areas of the workplace, but it is most efficient in areas where you have numerous employees working together regularly for 40 hours a week.

Why Is It Important?

There are several reasons for developing synergy in your workplace.

1. Trustworthy Environment

It is important for employees to have trust and respect in their work environment, or it can turn toxic very quickly. When you have successfully achieved synergy, you will find that employees will embrace management and leadership easily.

2. The Steady Focus of Employees

When the atmosphere is positive and there is minimal drama, employees are able to remain more focused and be more productive. They all have the same mission and are working together to meet that goal each day. If employees are able to focus on their positions and the company’s mission, they have less ability to focus on outside issues that could impact the synergy.

3. True Teamwork & Innovation

Because there is synergy in the workplace, your employees will feel more confident and comfortable with each other. This ability to relax and be comfortable allows teamwork to be more inviting in the atmosphere. Even those employees that are introverts have a space where they can reach out and offer their personal innovative ideas to a team that will embrace their input.

How Can Cubicle By Design Help?

If you are looking for some of the best ways to help improve the synergy in your office, consider shifting the office cubicle design of your space to make it more conducive to teamwork and relationship building. Our team can help you with your design to make sure you are choosing the appropriate layout. Contact us today for more information.

Synchronize Your Office Culture with Your Office Space


Bringing elements of your business into your work space can evoke a strong message to customers and employees about your brand and culture.

Part of synchronizing your office culture with your office space can begin with the ideal office design choices that reflect your values and supports your company’s, stakeholder’s and staff’s needs. Strengthening a positive company culture with a desirable workplace not only fosters employee satisfaction and motivation but having a great workplace reputation helps attract and retain talent.

Here are six ways to effectively blend your company culture with better office design.


1. Reflect your company values
Does your company emphasize communication and collaboration? Then you could trend toward open workspaces. A creative and playful culture might include fun spaces where employees and customers can unwind and work, such as game rooms or sitting areas with colorful couches. If the industry you work in is conservative, then you may place priority on confidentiality and privacy and include enclosed office space with doors. Most importantly, involve design choices that are consistent with what your company represents. For example, if you’re a wellness company then you could include healthy office design elements or if you’re a tech company look to add technology into your design.

2. Incorporate an ideal color scheme
Color can be a big mood enhancer and the right colors added to your design scheme with your brand colors, can also boost efficiency and communication. Research how colors can affect mood and add color based on the goal and focus of specific workspaces. For example, reds can bring out energy and passion, greens and blues can improve focus and increase energy, yellows foster optimism and innovation, while oranges represent enthusiasm, creativity and determination.

3. Choose the best-fit furniture and decor
Carefully-chosen furniture and artwork can leave visitors and employees with a certain impression and feeling about your office so make it one you want to create in their minds. If your company is in a field where expertise and trust is important then you might want to include credentials on the wall or client testimonials. If you want to exude a modern setting think sleek, minimal furniture or if your culture is more relaxed then consider informal, sitting areas. One way to create an inspired work space is to add movable furniture such as chairs, desks, seating areas and dividers. Movable space enhances the creative process and allows teams to reconfigure space to support their work.

4. Engage your people
We understand that keeping your team happy can be a big priority. One way to do this is to involve your employees from start to finish with the office design process. They help define your company culture and some of the best-fit designs come from the result of mixing your brand with team ideas. Enabling your office space to connect people while also providing boundaries and private space can create a vibrant energy and strengthen community. People often believe that their workspace says a lot about their importance in a company and engaging them in its design supports this belief. Possibly even let them design their own workspace with things that interest them or colors that make them feel more productive.

5. Create space for social connection
While people can crave solitude to get their work done, at times they also want to be part of a group setting. Adding gathering spaces such as cafés, common lounge areas, atriums or shared work tables can foster a keen sense of community and boost creative collaboration. Including project or idea boards in these group spaces are a productive way for employees to share and learn from each other.

6. Give equal consideration to all spaces
With designing your office, it’s crucial to consider all spaces whether public or private, inside or outside. When a client or potential new-hire arrives to be welcomed by a vibrant and dynamic lobby you won’t want to disappoint them with a bland workspace or outdated kitchen area. If you treat all spaces equally, your brand and culture will flow through your workspace and show to visitors and employees that you care about their experience there.

When people enter your office, you want them to instantly understand what your company is all about. Office design reveals much about a company’s brand and culture. With the ideal considerate touch, each space in your office from color, services, technology, décor, lighting, furniture and layout, can express your culture and be an inviting space for visitors to enjoy and employees to thrive in. Cubicle by Design can help you through the entire office design process that reflects your culture. Contact us today to discuss how you can get started.

Buying new or used cubicles is a question that has been asked as long as cubicles have existed.

Sure, you spend less when you buy used cubicles, but over time you’d likely gain much more value from buying new cubicles. This is why we almost always recommend shoppers to buy new when they updating their office space.


Your company was created as an investment for future growth and longevity. Thinking with a short term mindset undermines your goals. Here is why buying new is the way to go.

You get exactly what you want

New AO2 Blue Cubicle

Your environment tells clients and employees who you are. Settling for an environment that doesn’t show that you have confidence and plan to stay in business for a long time is a mistake.

When you buy new cubicles you get the exact style, colors, fabrics and configurations that you want for your office. You aren’t settling for used cubicles that are tan and burgundy if silver and black is what speaks to your brand. You’ll get a more modern look, more open designs and more flexibility to move things around for different purpose.

Everything can exactly match the function your business requires.

You get a lifetime warranty when Cubicle By Design installs

When you buy new cubicles instead of used cubicles, you often have a warranty or a guarantee to fall back on.

Here at Cubicle By Design, we take great pride in our gurantee.

Something wrong? Just give us a call.

This guarantee of replacement and service will prove invaluable over the long term.

And you will have few problems since new cubicles meet much stricter compliance guidelines and will have far fewer problems.

You get the most up to date technology

New Cubicle in Office

New cubicles will have include the most up to date technology and power options while hiding all the wires and supporting communication. You will have the best in sound control, fabric protection and construction.

You get the newest in cubicle ergonomics

Employee satisfaction, wellness and productivity can soar when they are comfortable and feel valued. Sit-stand desks, correct seating, proper keyboards and monitor arms are all part of new cubicle design that is often unavailable from used cubicles. Investment in employee comfort has been shown repeatedly in research to increase productivity and save money over time.

You get potential for growth

With new cubicles you will be able to match all the fabrics and finishes. As you grow and your needs change you won’t end up with a mismatched office. You will also be able to reconfigure more easily since new cubicles are often modular and give you the ability to easily reconfigure your space.

You get a tax deduction

Consult your accountant on what is permitted, but for small business the cost of office furniture is a tax deduction. Make sure you order well in advance of your fiscal year end to be sure to gain the advantage.


Office Expansion

Perhaps one of the more favorable dilemmas successful business owners are faced with is how to properly expand their office. Whether you are trying to accommodate a growing team or enhance your image for better public relations, here’s what to consider when in need of additional breathing room.

Clues That It’s Time to Expand Your Office:

Your Storage is Overflowing
Saving paperwork is necessary for business. But if your office winds up having overstuffed filing cabinets, storage supplies in the hallways, and a chaotic storage room then it possibly time for you to expand.

Makeshift Workstations
Maybe putting a few employees in the conference room is a convenient solution, but it is also a red flag that your current space is no longer suitable for the volume of workers you have.

High Employee Turnover
While a constant migration of employees could be indicative other issues, an uncomfortable office setting can definitely contribute to a higher turnover rate and can most certainly be a signal that a bigger office is needed.

Here Are Some Important Things to Keep in Mind When Increasing Your Office Space:

Plan for Continual Growth
Don’t just plan for the team you have now, plan for the anticipated future. It would hurt financially if you have to expand again within the next few years. So make sure your the space is flexible.  Ask the question, are you able to modify the space as needed?

Be Mindful of Electrical Capacity
If your company utilizes a ton of computer equipment and other office machines, you need a sufficient amount of outlets, and the optimal amount of electrical capacity. It is best to bring along a qualified electrician to examine this for you while you are scouting different areas.

Examine All the Amenities 
Make sure to be very thorough and look at everything from external amenities such as sufficient parking to internal amenities like formal and informal meeting spaces, lounges, kitchens and restrooms. It’s not just about having room for your team to work, but space to accommodate additional office features where is it doesn’t cause grid lock and lines.

Today, employee comfort is of utmost concern. Optimal space is strongly encouraged more than ever. Rather than thinking of their office as restrictive, today’s employees want to think about all the possibilities and perks that go along with working in their space.

Contact our experts at anytime if you have any questions about expanding our workplace.


Benefits of a Modern Office Cubicle

Cubicles have revolutionized the way people work for decades; however, they have garnered a rather unfavorable reputation as old-fashioned and superseded by the forthcoming open office design. Yet, the cubicle offers quite a unique set of benefits that a pure open office design just cannot provide. So instead of erasing the idea of the cubicle completely, check out these benefits on why they may be perfect for your team.

What Makes a Modern Cubicle Modern?

Usually when the word cubicle is mentioned, the idea of grey fabric panels and 3 walled faceless squares come to mind. Contrarily, the modern cubicle is anything but this. With variety of colors, partition sizes, partition materials and configurations, cubicles nowadays can liven up any office atmosphere with these additional bonuses.

Cost Efficiency

Investing in ultramodern partitions beats investing in walls for an office any day. Especially in the midst of the go green era, cheaper recyclable materials make cubicles the cheapest they have ever been.

Space Utilization

Gone are the days of the boxy, space consuming standard cubicles. Now, cubicles take up less space than before with sleeker designs and they come in all different configurations and sizes to custom fit the space you have.

Why Should I Invest in a Modern Cubicle?

For starters, productivity is sure to rise for your team if they take advantage of the separation that modern cubicles provide. With an open office plan, visual and auditory distractions are a huge impediment to task-oriented productivity. Focus can be easily broken and difficult to re-obtain, so it may be wise to consider a nice up-to-date cubicle for the remedy.

In addition to resolving output issues, modern cubicles provide all the privacy needed for handling confidential tasks or viewing e-mails without worrying about wandering eyes. One of the most valued elements of job satisfaction is employee privacy and a modern cubicle is just the thing to provide it. It serves the purpose of a small personal office so each individual can feel relaxed in their own space.

Another feature that the modern cubicle provides, perhaps just as important as anything else is the sense of egalitarianism. Traditionally, higher-ranking members of a team would be secluded in a plush space while everyone one else seemed to be packed into condescending cube farms with an inherent sense of insignificance to their organization, however modern cubicles are designed to make everyone feel like they have meaningful position in their company. This will definitely increase your team’s overall morale.

These are just but a few of the many benefits that come with using modern office cubicles. Consider having these benefits and getting to enjoy much more.

Cubicle by Design has office designing specialists with over 25 years of experience who are able to advise you from the earliest stages of change and assist you throughout your decision making process. Contact us for more information.

Downsizing Your Office? Tips On How To Use Your Space Efficiently


All too often, valuable office space goes unused. Whether you are moving to smaller office or just decreasing the available square footage of your current office, be sure to maximally utilize your space. With a strategical plan you can make your workspace appear larger, and encourage employee productivity. Consider these tips when mapping out your workspace.

Be “Size Wise”

Nothing makes a tinier workspace appear more claustrophobic than oversized furniture, so aim to purchase smaller office furniture. No room in the budget for new furniture? Simply donate the furniture pieces that take up a lot of space, but are not really used.

Brighten Things Up

Try to avoid dark colors, they can make the space seem more enclosed.  Brighter colors will not only open up the space but can also contribute to a productive and positive psych. For example yellow inspires creative mind, blue stimulates sharper intellect and green offers a calm and collected temperament. Think about  the mood you want to encourage when designing your workspace. Also, don’t forget that there is power in good lighting! Open up your blinds to let in some natural light, bring a little bit of outside-inside.

Prevent Clutter

When office space is limited don’t take up valuable real estate with clutter. Plus, there is research which indicates that clutter tends to disturb productivity, while an organized workspace fuels motivation and creativity. Utilize simple tools, such as a desk organizer and labeled folders. Eliminating unessential items leads to more space and more productivity.

Embrace the Cloud

In today’s day and age, why not take advantage of our innovative technology. Rather than keeping excessive amounts of paper, digitize as much as possible. Digital storing is time efficient and extinguishes the need for bulky filing cabinets. Consider uploading your files to cloud-based programs, allowing for data backup and instant employee access both in and out of the office. Remember, if making the switch to the cloud, to keep your information secure, as information is at risk on the Internet. Take precautionary measures to ensure maximum company privacy, by frequently updating passwords and monitoring for any suspicious activity.

Veer Vertical

To save space, build upwards! Install wall shelving, and stack them one on top of the other. Hang magazine racks to store accumulated magazines, newspapers, and papers. Items, such as reading lamps, televisions, and other electronics don’t need to occupy floor space—mount them. So, don’t limit storage space to solely your desk and grounded furniture. Think vertical!

Transform Your Small Business: Go Green!


In a budding small business, it is important to get off to a good start and make a meaningful impression on costumers. Be economical and ecological. A greener workspace allows for a reduced ecological impact and improved productivity in the office. All too often, we forget to execute simple tasks in order to conserve energy and save money. Make it a priority. Take time to reflect on your company’s current footprint and plot strategies to aim towards a more environmentally friendly establishment. Consider these few points in getting started, and share them with your colleagues. Go green!

Let the Natural Light In
A well-lit working environment is important, but aim to use artificial lighting sparingly. On average, artificial lighting encompasses forty percent of total electricity usage in a standard office building. In addition, there seems to be a strong relationship between excess artificial lighting and minor health issues, as well as a correlation between natural lighting and increased efficiency amongst employees. So, keep the shades open and reduce the use of strong overhead lighting, which may contribute to headaches and eye- strain. Light colored walls and furniture will best reflect natural light, making the office appear larger and encouraging efficiency.

Implement “Task Lighting” and Purchase Fluorescent bulbs
Strong overhead lighting is often unnecessary. Set a plan to utilize adjustable task lighting in order to illuminate specific reading areas. Task lighting not only directs the light towards specific tasks enabling concentration, but also increases contrast and focused visibility for employees. Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent. They last up to fifteen times longer and absorb only one-quarter of the energy. Observe your surroundings and take initiative. Turn off all lights in an empty room and, of course, remember to switch off all lights in the office when leaving for the day. Find our more about task lighting and other lights on our cubicle terminology page.

In today’s technological era, there is no excuse for overusing wasteful materials. Excess materials contribute to clutter and a disorganized environment. Studies indicate that the average person wastes about four hours per week searching for papers, contributing largely to unnecessary stress and stunting concentration and creativity. Whenever possible, digitize. Categorize information into labeled desktop folders and communicate via email. Convert documents to PDF’s to efficiently share with colleagues. Digital planners, calendars, and reminders are useful tools to stay organized as well. The more you aspire to digitize, the less paper and wasteful materials you expend.

Put off Printing
Regardless of valiant efforts to digitize, all offices require purchasing paper. When shopping, choose recycled, chlorine-free paper to save money and energy and buy in bulk. When you must print, format double-sided documents and choose a smaller font to conserve. Avoid color printing whenever possible. Utilize software programs, such as GreenPrint and EcoPrint2, which locate and delete that pesky waste space at the end of documents, such as advertisements or web page listings. Aim to reuse misprints and scraps as notepaper. Recycle printer cartridges and purchase recycled new ones.

When a machine is not being used, don’t just power it down—unplug! Simply switching the off button may send the machine into “standby” mode, still absorbing power. Neglecting to do so not only wastes energy, but also racks up your expenses. When leaving your desk for a moment, set your computer monitor to sleep mode instead of setting a screensaver. You’d be amazed at the positive impact on your electricity bill and reduced ecological impact.

Monitor Office Temperature
Even in the summer, cranking the air conditioning in the office to full-blast is not usually necessary. Monitor temperatures and find a comfortable setting, or instead of using central air conditioners, try purchasing portable ones. Portable air conditioners will enable you to efficiently fluctuate temperatures in certain areas, while saving energy in unused or unnecessary areas. Portable fans are an option as well, as they consume much less energy than installing a central air conditioning system. Of course, if weather permits, open the windows! Fresh air and sunlight will positively transform the office environment.


Climb the Corporate Ladder of Your Small Business: Tips from a SMB Owner


You are a diligent worker. Your natural talent and strong work ethic enables you to shine in the office. Yet, you still can’t seem to snag that promised promotion. Something’s got to give. The fact is, no one is entitled to a promotion or raise—you must earn it. Remember, everyone is working towards the same goal. Consider these few steps in order to exceed expectations in the office and climb the corporate ladder of your small business.

Look for an Opening in the Company
Always be willing to jump on the opportunity to fill an opening in your company. Studies show that about 80% of jobs are never advertised. So, stay on the lookout and do your research. If you want a change, make it happen. Look on your organization’s homepage to see what the Human Resource department has to offer in terms of training, or make an appointment to discuss your interest personally—more training, more promotions!

Scout Out a Mentor
In any business, experience is key. Aim to ascertain a suitable mentor, which will help you grow in your area of business. Observe your superiors in order to see who has significant experience in the area that you are interested in pursuing. When searching, look for the employee who has the respect of his/her boss, staff, and peers. Ask them to mentor you. A mentor will help you identify your own strengths and weaknesses while navigating the political land mines of most organizations.

Pick up the Slack
Differentiate yourself from your colleagues by aiming to complete the tasks that are commonly overlooked or put off. If given a project to be submitted in two weeks, try to complete it in one. Take initiative. A little extra effort won’t go unnoticed. Everyone is busy and can use a helping hand now and again. If a colleague is under a time crunch with a project, go out of your way to help them manage it. Time management will help you immensely when balancing multiple projects and tasks. Get to work early and leave late. Remember, this may be a distinguishing factor between you and another employee.

Keep Yourself Visibly Organized
This not only pertains to the way in which you dress and carry yourself professionally, but also the extent to which you care about keeping your desk and personal space clean and organized. Of course, appearance may not be a distinguishing factor, but it is important to put yourself together well. Put in conscious effort to stay groomed and avoid looking like you just rolled out of bed. Presenting yourself in this way sends the message that you take both yourself and your job seriously. Think of your cubicle or desk space as a reflection of yourself as well. Don’t leave a mess. Utilize your filing cabinet, and sort through digital clutter, saving and filing documents regularly.

Learn Something New and be Open to New Activities
Be curious about learning new things, and always ask questions. Never underestimate how much people enjoy talking about what they do.

Ask for feedback and accept constructive criticism. Be energetic in the office and project positive energy. Join activities to connect and network with the staff at all levels. Participating in the corporate run, or other such activities, is not only good exercise, but will possibly benefit your career as well.

Know Your Stuff
Remain up to date on relevant news and events pertaining to your industry. Send out any interesting information to your colleagues. During meetings, grasp the opportunity to speak up and showcase your knowledge. Have an educated opinion. Don’t be afraid to disagree. Fresh viewpoints are always welcomed, as long as they are informed. Show your boss that you have a solid grasp on the inner-workings of the business and an understanding of the “bigger picture.”

Cubicle By Design has over 25 years of experience aiding small businesses with their office furniture solutions. We not only provided services and products, but spent the years listening to our customers vent about all of their small business needs. These are helpful tips based off of their input and what we have learned. You can find more small business tips on our CBD Blog.