Trace Bookcase


Cubicle By Design’s Trace bookcases feature horizontal lines and full-width fronts perfect for all your office storage needs. Our all-metal, all-welded cabinets are robust and reliable. Trace Bookcase is proudly made in the USA and backed by Cubicle By Design’s lifetime storage warranty.


  • Additional color options available
  • Trace pedestals, laterals, towers, lockers, bookcases and storage cabinets feature consistent horizontal lines and full-width fronts
  • Cubicle By Design offers dozens of cabinets under 40″ tall
  • Please contact us for pricing and bulk discounts
Additional Information

Additional Information

Cubicle Shelves Provide Optimal Storage Space

Free your office from clutter with our extensive selection of cubicle shelves designed for the modern workspace. Our minimalist styles blend with nearly every aesthetic imaginable, come in a variety of sizes to house every essential, and are one of the most cost-effective upgrades to consider if your team could benefit from an improved organization system that works as hard as they do. 

Our trace bookcases and cubicle shelves are built from solid, fully-welded metals that are capable of managing a full workload. Ideal for optimized filing, tidy desk spaces, and maintaining a professional office appeal. Our exclusive cubicle shelves come in an array of useful size arrangements, with full-width storage allowing for safer storage of larger documents, heavier office binders, and every office supply you can imagine. 

Upgrade the Entire Office With Affordable Cubicle Shelves 

Our professional office manufacturing scales with your growing office needs. From a single trace bookcase to hundreds of cubicle shelves for your flourishing corporation, you can count on our advanced manufacturing processes to guarantee consistency, quality, and responsive service windows. We strive to respect our client’s budgets and timelines, and with any of our customized office storage solutions, you can expect rapid production, prompt delivery, and ongoing support from our helpful team long after the office upgrade is complete. 

With years of experience helping companies revolutionize their office spaces, our professional design team will work with you on a personal level to ensure that every detail meets and exceeds your expectations. We can help you plan a refined layout, outline the best cubicle shelves that flow with your current office design, and can connect you with a wealth of additional office accessories that naturally support an optimized working environment.

Partner With Cubicle by Design for Long-term Business Benefits

After upgrading your home office or business space with any of our best cubicle shelves, our user-friendly online platform is here to support your future growth goals. When you trust in Cubicle by Design to perfect the custom styles, you can expect: 

  • Access to Innovative Desks, Cubicles, & Organization Systems
  • Affordable & Durable Upgrades Respect Company Budgets
  • Fast & Friendly Service at All Times
  • Professional & Honest Design Insight From Our Team
  • User-friendly Online Platform to Easily Manage Large-scale Upgrades
  • & More…

Have questions about our custom shelving? Get in touch with our knowledgeable team for free guidance and helpful support at any time.

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