Make A Statement With These Office Suites

Having a comfortable place to work with quality furniture is very important. When you are looking for a way to improve your office, investing in the office suite options provided by Cubicle by Design is a great option. There are six office furniture options, in particular, that are great additions to your office space to increase employee comfort and productivity. Take a look! 

Ascent Series

The Ascent Series Laminate can be a great option for any workplace. This comes with contemporary-style laminate furnishings, including a desk, storage cabinet, and bookshelf. It also comes standard with various grommet holes, which can make it easy to route cords and wires. With adjustable floor glides, PVC edges, and other features, you’ll have both safety and comfort!

Central Park Series

The Central Park Series is a modern office setup that includes a desk, side storage cabinets, and a shelf system that will ensure you are organized. This offers slow drawer suspension, an adjustable ergonomic desk, and other features to keep you comfortable. It is also very customizable as it comes in 4 veneers and 17 different color options.

Concordia Series

The Concordia is a popular option provided by Cubicle by Design. This is characterized by the larger desk and plenty of workspace surfaces. The layout of it tends to be great for an open floor plan and it is designed to accommodate collaboration and group work. It has flexible storage options and comes in various colors and styles options.

Insignia Series

Having a green workspace is continuing to be a priority in workspaces across the country. Insignia is a popular option because of this. It is made with various green materials, including eco-friendly North American cherry veneers. It can come in a variety of finishes and has a lot of customized features in terms of size and layout.

Liberty Series

The Liberty Series offers a durable laminate surface that can be ideal for those with smaller spaces. It has standard laminate and aluminum doors, which are durable and can provide protection for items you keep in storage. It has a large desk and workspace with ample cabinet space for most workers.

Spaces Series

For those looking for a modern office option, the Space Series can be a great option to consider. The Space Series offers a u-shaped cubicle desk with some modern features, including a floating top, aluminum detailing, hardwood veneers, and suspension drawers. You can choose from 4 different veneers and 18 colors when styling your desk, cabinets, and storage spaces.

Elevate Your Office With Cubicle By Design 

When you are looking to improve your office by upgrading your workstation office furniture, consider Cubicle by Design. We offer a range of options that can help ensure you can find office furniture that is ideal for your space and style preferences. Contact us today to learn more about the options we provide! 

How Good File Management Impacts Your Office

Maintaining your files is essential to having the best organization within your office. One of the best ways to do this is through the proper setup of the office itself. Our cubicle office furniture systems offer exceptional organization, allowing employees to organize their workspace efficiently. Read on to learn more about the impacts of a good file management system.

Improved Control and Efficiency

As soon as documents are received, they are appropriately filed or handed to the appropriate person for management. Once placed in the correct location for storage, each document is easily located for future reference. This saves an abundance of time when searching for important files, improving the overall efficiency of office operations. In addition, nothing is left to chance with each document being handled carefully and purposefully. It is processed at the time of receipt, ensuring it is not misplaced.

Better Protection for Important Documents

When you have a solid filing system, all your important documents will be put up instead of left in vulnerable places. This will eliminate the risk of damage or loss. To achieve this, you will need proper folders for separating the documents correctly and adequate infrastructure for the physical filing cabinet. Our cubicle shelves are also an option to store binders or folders of important documents. 

Compliance With Record-Keeping Standards

There are specific documents that companies are required to maintain for business purposes. These include important tax records. By filing them appropriately, you’ll have access to them when needed and never have to worry about where anything is.

Improved Mood in the Staff

When important items go missing in the office, stress levels skyrocket and productivity dramatically reduces.

Having an effective filing system in place will eliminate these problems as long as everyone complies with the system appropriately. Adherence to the system will improve the overall mood of the office, reducing the stress associated with lost, misplaced, or incorrectly filed documents.

Increase the Potential of Your File Management System With the Ideal Cubicle Setup

Cubicle by Design offers exceptional office setups that can enhance your company’s ability to properly manage its files. With each employee’s cubicle set up for success, the chance for lost or misplaced documents is greatly eliminated. Check out the variety of options we offer to design the ideal office space for you.

Ergonomics: The Secret To a Happy Workplace  

Every boss wants to ensure they have a happy workplace and employees who love coming to work. When this happens, the office environment is friendlier and more productive, which is what makes the business money. Workplace ergonomics is the first step towards a healthier, happier working environment. 

What is Workplace Ergonomics? 

Ergonomics is a term used about ensuring an office product fits precisely the person assigned to it. The workstation consists of a chair, monitor stand(s), desks, and other workstation items assigned to an employee. To turn this station into an ergonomic cubicle it needs to meet certain requirements.

Ergonomics 101 

The basic of understanding ergonomics is an area of studying ways to ensure people are productive, comfortable, and safe. It is done by studying our bodies’ various capabilities and characteristics, as well as any limitations at home and work.

For example, the head should be at a balanced level that faces directly ahead of your position. The shoulders are relaxed, with the elbows resting closely beside the body. When sitting down, our feet should be completely supported by a footrest or the floor. Our knees should be aligned with the hips, with our backs supported and straight.

Three Kinds of Ergonomics

 When setting up an office workplace the following three types of ergonomics are considered: 

  • Organizational ergonomics- this is the consideration of how a business achieves a system of harmony. The basic structure, processes, and policies within the organization.
  • Cognitive ergonomics- comprehension of how humans and machines interact with one another.
  • Physical ergonomics- a focus on preventing injury in the workplace by evaluating and designing workstations that improve posture, manual and repetitive actions. 

Ergonomics in the Office Atmosphere 

To ensure the office atmosphere is ergonomic, we start with an ergonomic cubicle. The first item taken into consideration is the most used office equipment–the keyboard. When you sit down at your keyboard, it should either be flat or slope gently away on your desk. Your elbows should be at a 90-110 degree angle, with the shoulders and forearms relaxed. Keep your arms and elbow positioned as close to the sides of your body as you can. 

Signs of Bad Ergonomics 

If your posture feels awkward after some time, you are not using good ergonomics. Any body position that puts the body under stress, or doing anything repetitive or prolonged movements–squatting, kneeling, reaching overhead. Also, you should not be keeping wrists in a bent position, leaning, or allowing the torso to twist when lifting. All of these actions are signs of poor ergonomics and will have negative physical results if continued. 

Contact Us to Set Up Your Happy Workplace!

When you are ready to set up your office and ensure you have a happy workplace, contact us. We have the popular u shaped workstation that will guarantee employees ergonomic comfort all day long! Contact Cubicle by Design at 800-359-6057. Our friendly representatives look forward to helping you!

Office Seating Options That Aren’t A Pain In The Neck

The right office chair can make such a difference in how comfortable you or your employees are at work. With proper support, it’s easier to settle into your desk and focus on the task at hand. With the help of a great chair, you can really feel productive and improve the overall work ethic of the office space. There are some great cubicle furniture options out there, you just have to find them.


The Freedom chair by Cubicle by design is a great chair to start with. This chair is one that is going to support tons of different job types and help you to feel great. With an adjustable weight-sensitive recline, the chair will support you in whatever way you need. You can also get additional color options and you can be sure that you are going to have long-lasting comfort. These chairs have won over 10 awards for design and are fantastic for a range of users.


The Liberty chair is one that is not only comfortable, but that is also stylish. This chair is a custom fit for those using it. It has a mesh back for breathability and intelligent technology that helps you to really feel good in your hips and spine while seated. They are also fantastic if you need something that is going to be comfortable while you are using it, but that you can get up and move around with as well.


For those that are looking for a great meeting chair or common area chair, this is a fantastic option. It is comfortable, easy to use, and breathable. They are easily stackable for simple storage. These are great if you need extra seating and you want to make sure that you are able to provide comfortable seating for meetings and anyone that might be coming to your office space.

Shop Cubicle By Design

No matter what type of chair you need, Cubicle by Design is a great option that can provide you with exactly what you need for your office, your employees, and anyone that is going to be spending time in the office. You need a comfortable chair that helps you feel good so you can be more productive during working hours. The right chair can make such a difference and can help you to feel great, focus, and really make a big difference in how you approach work every day.

I’ve had it with the modern-day open office: bright fluorescent lights; fish-bowl distracting conference rooms that always leaves you wondering who your manager is meeting with; long shared desks.

When I worked on a Wall Street trading floor years ago, there was nowhere to hide; nowhere to find some peace and quiet; nowhere to think deeply. My entrepreneurial friends have also opted for shared working