Ergonomics The Secret To a Happy Workplace

Ergonomics: The Secret To a Happy Workplace  

Every boss wants to ensure they have a happy workplace and employees who love coming to work. When this happens, the office environment is friendlier and more productive, which is what makes the business money. Workplace ergonomics is the first step towards a healthier, happier working environment. 

What is Workplace Ergonomics? 

Ergonomics is a term used about ensuring an office product fits precisely the person assigned to it. The workstation consists of a chair, monitor stand(s), desks, and other workstation items assigned to an employee. To turn this station into an ergonomic cubicle it needs to meet certain requirements.

Ergonomics 101 

The basic of understanding ergonomics is an area of studying ways to ensure people are productive, comfortable, and safe. It is done by studying our bodies’ various capabilities and characteristics, as well as any limitations at home and work.

For example, the head should be at a balanced level that faces directly ahead of your position. The shoulders are relaxed, with the elbows resting closely beside the body. When sitting down, our feet should be completely supported by a footrest or the floor. Our knees should be aligned with the hips, with our backs supported and straight.

Three Kinds of Ergonomics

 When setting up an office workplace the following three types of ergonomics are considered: 

  • Organizational ergonomics- this is the consideration of how a business achieves a system of harmony. The basic structure, processes, and policies within the organization.
  • Cognitive ergonomics- comprehension of how humans and machines interact with one another.
  • Physical ergonomics- a focus on preventing injury in the workplace by evaluating and designing workstations that improve posture, manual and repetitive actions. 

Ergonomics in the Office Atmosphere 

To ensure the office atmosphere is ergonomic, we start with an ergonomic cubicle. The first item taken into consideration is the most used office equipment–the keyboard. When you sit down at your keyboard, it should either be flat or slope gently away on your desk. Your elbows should be at a 90-110 degree angle, with the shoulders and forearms relaxed. Keep your arms and elbow positioned as close to the sides of your body as you can. 

Signs of Bad Ergonomics 

If your posture feels awkward after some time, you are not using good ergonomics. Any body position that puts the body under stress, or doing anything repetitive or prolonged movements–squatting, kneeling, reaching overhead. Also, you should not be keeping wrists in a bent position, leaning, or allowing the torso to twist when lifting. All of these actions are signs of poor ergonomics and will have negative physical results if continued. 

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