Make A Statement With These Office Suites

Make A Statement With These Office Suites

Having a comfortable place to work with quality furniture is very important. When you are looking for a way to improve your office, investing in the office suite options provided by Cubicle by Design is a great option. There are six office furniture options, in particular, that are great additions to your office space to increase employee comfort and productivity. Take a look! 

Ascent Series

The Ascent Series Laminate can be a great option for any workplace. This comes with contemporary-style laminate furnishings, including a desk, storage cabinet, and bookshelf. It also comes standard with various grommet holes, which can make it easy to route cords and wires. With adjustable floor glides, PVC edges, and other features, you’ll have both safety and comfort!

Central Park Series

The Central Park Series is a modern office setup that includes a desk, side storage cabinets, and a shelf system that will ensure you are organized. This offers slow drawer suspension, an adjustable ergonomic desk, and other features to keep you comfortable. It is also very customizable as it comes in 4 veneers and 17 different color options.

Concordia Series

The Concordia is a popular option provided by Cubicle by Design. This is characterized by the larger desk and plenty of workspace surfaces. The layout of it tends to be great for an open floor plan and it is designed to accommodate collaboration and group work. It has flexible storage options and comes in various colors and styles options.

Insignia Series

Having a green workspace is continuing to be a priority in workspaces across the country. Insignia is a popular option because of this. It is made with various green materials, including eco-friendly North American cherry veneers. It can come in a variety of finishes and has a lot of customized features in terms of size and layout.

Liberty Series

The Liberty Series offers a durable laminate surface that can be ideal for those with smaller spaces. It has standard laminate and aluminum doors, which are durable and can provide protection for items you keep in storage. It has a large desk and workspace with ample cabinet space for most workers.

Spaces Series

For those looking for a modern office option, the Space Series can be a great option to consider. The Space Series offers a u-shaped cubicle desk with some modern features, including a floating top, aluminum detailing, hardwood veneers, and suspension drawers. You can choose from 4 different veneers and 18 colors when styling your desk, cabinets, and storage spaces.

Elevate Your Office With Cubicle By Design 

When you are looking to improve your office by upgrading your workstation office furniture, consider Cubicle by Design. We offer a range of options that can help ensure you can find office furniture that is ideal for your space and style preferences. Contact us today to learn more about the options we provide!