New or Used Cubicle Decision

Buying new or used cubicles is a question that has been asked as long as cubicles have existed.

Sure, you spend less when you buy used cubicles, but over time you’d likely gain much more value from buying new cubicles. This is why we almost always recommend shoppers to buy new when they updating their office space.


Your company was created as an investment for future growth and longevity. Thinking with a short term mindset undermines your goals. Here is why buying new is the way to go.

You get exactly what you want

New AO2 Blue Cubicle

Your environment tells clients and employees who you are. Settling for an environment that doesn’t show that you have confidence and plan to stay in business for a long time is a mistake.

When you buy new cubicles you get the exact style, colors, fabrics and configurations that you want for your office. You aren’t settling for used cubicles that are tan and burgundy if silver and black is what speaks to your brand. You’ll get a more modern look, more open designs and more flexibility to move things around for different purpose.

Everything can exactly match the function your business requires.

You get a lifetime warranty when Cubicle By Design installs

When you buy new cubicles instead of used cubicles, you often have a warranty or a guarantee to fall back on.

Here at Cubicle By Design, we take great pride in our gurantee.

Something wrong? Just give us a call.

This guarantee of replacement and service will prove invaluable over the long term.

And you will have few problems since new cubicles meet much stricter compliance guidelines and will have far fewer problems.

You get the most up to date technology

New Cubicle in Office

New cubicles will have include the most up to date technology and power options while hiding all the wires and supporting communication. You will have the best in sound control, fabric protection and construction.

You get the newest in cubicle ergonomics

Employee satisfaction, wellness and productivity can soar when they are comfortable and feel valued. Sit-stand desks, correct seating, proper keyboards and monitor arms are all part of new cubicle design that is often unavailable from used cubicles. Investment in employee comfort has been shown repeatedly in research to increase productivity and save money over time.

You get potential for growth

With new cubicles you will be able to match all the fabrics and finishes. As you grow and your needs change you won’t end up with a mismatched office. You will also be able to reconfigure more easily since new cubicles are often modular and give you the ability to easily reconfigure your space.

You get a tax deduction

Consult your accountant on what is permitted, but for small business the cost of office furniture is a tax deduction. Make sure you order well in advance of your fiscal year end to be sure to gain the advantage.