The Benefits of a Stand-Up Desk

The health benefits and health risks of standing vs. sitting are still an ongoing debate in the medical community, but more and more research is coming out in favor of standing. While only some of what we know regarding the health benefits of standing is conclusive, all research is pointed in that direction. As a result, this new information is being applied to the workplace, especially the furniture that employees are using in their office cubicles and workspaces.

Heart Health

The idea that standing might be better for your heart than sitting was first looked at in the 1950s when it was noted that bus conductors were more likely to die of heart disease or complications related to heart disease. More and more research has been done in the decades since, and we now know for a fact that prolonged periods of being sedentary can greatly increase your risk for developing health-related issues.

Back Pain

Poor posture is often associated with back and neck pain, but poor posture alone may not be the culprit. Research has been done to look specifically at the effects a stand-up desk has on the body. One study, in particular, has found evidence to suggest that a stand-up desk helps with lower back pain. It found that they had less low back pain, were feeling less fatigued, and became more productive.

Improved Mood and Increased Energy

Seeing as there’s also research on the way remaining sedentary can affect our mood or anxiety levels, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that having the freedom to sit or stand as desired has the opposite effect. Research shows that being able to stand helps with stress management and fatigue, both of which are contributing factors to poor mental health.  And when both morale and energy levels are high, productivity is bound to go up as a result.  While this isn’t attested to by research yet, common sense tells us that employees who are happier and more alert can focus better and stay engaged with their work.   

A Healthier Office is a Happier Office

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