Why So Many Businesses Rely On Cubicle By Design

If you work in a modern office, you may be familiar with the wide range of cubicle styles and configurations. There are so many different ways to utilize cubicle layouts to make your office space more comfortable, collaborative, and overall a healthier workplace. Many businesses rely on our customized cubicle systems to enhance their workspaces, and here is why: 

Sense of Privacy

Not all offices can provide their employees with a private office. Cubicles provide a sense of privacy, allowing employees to have their own space, while still encouraging collaboration. With open-air designs, employees can still enjoy a sense of connectedness with their colleagues.

Encourage Individuality

If someone is going to be working in a single space for up to 40 hours a week, they need to be comfortable in that space and make it their own. Cubicles offer a place for employees to hang their favorite pictures, bring in their favorite items, and decorate their space to their liking. If these desks are out and exposed in the work area, your employees are often limited with what they can have on their desks. The more employees can express themselves, the more productive they will be in that space.

Maximize Space

If the office does not have a lot of space available, cubicles have been the solution to optimizing space. As businesses continue to grow with employees but not necessarily in rental space, these cubicles can alleviate that issue until they can build later private offices for employees. Your employees will have access to an area that is their own and that they can utilize without having to share a direct space with other colleagues.


If you want to give your employees their own space at a reasonable cost, then cubicles are a great option as opposed to remodeling and having to build offices. They also can help prevent you from having to rent a larger space, saving you money in leasing and operation costs over time.

Equal Space For Everyone

When you purchase the cubicles for your office, you can give everyone the same amount of space, making it equal and avoiding any unnecessary confusion. These workstations will become standardized and employees will expect to have this space and know what they can and cannot fit in these spaces. All cubicles also reduce the number of distractions for everyone in them, allowing more ability to focus and have more work completed throughout the day.

Does Your Office Need An Upgrade?

If you are considering a transition from outdated to modern office cubicles, our team at Cubicle by Design is ready to assist you with the right design, size, and workstations that will benefit your business model. Contact us today for more information and see what options are available.

Redecorate Your Office Space To Boost Productivity


An office refresh can help improve productivity and comfort. Our experts can enhance your decor so you and your employees feel inspired to work hard with increased focus. Consider these ways we can help you create a better office space.

Decorate For Style

When it comes to being and feeling professional, the style of your office matters. For example, if your work environment is stylish and clean, then you can gain self-respect and the respect of your team and customers. We have a variety of options for office storage, desks, accessories, and more to enhance your space. Our team can improve the aesthetic appeal and balance of your office, so you can concentrate better on the task at hand and feel positively influenced by your environment.

Choose Modern Furniture

Outdated furniture can make your office feel stuck in the past. We offer plenty of functional office chairs, conference tables, and other products, so you can keep up with the rest of the business world. You can increase your sense of professionalism and feel motivated to be more successful.

Boost Employee Productivity

If you or your employees are uncomfortable with sitting too often throughout the workday, then you might want to try our sit to stand desks. The versatility of these unique desks allows you to adjust the height so you can stand or sit whenever you feel the need. Avoiding discomfort can make it easier for someone to think clearer, be more productive, and avoid health problems that can result from sitting too long.

Enjoy Budget-Friendly Prices

Living on a budget doesn’t have to hold you back from upgrading your office space. We offer many of our products at a bulk discount, so you can have the benefit of enjoying an attractive office. Plus, worrying less about money can make it easier to stay productive at work and have extra peace of mind. 

Your Creative Ideas are Useful

Our team is highly skilled at decorating our customers’ workspaces and love collaborating on your creative vision. For example, you can use our cubicle design tool to pick a cubicle type, cubicle fabric color, cubicle work surface color, and other personalized details. We’ll utilize this tool to customize your cubicle design to your specifications and make your experience truly unique. In addition, you’ll receive both 2D and 3D drawings, and a quote at no charge to you. You can also use the cubicle design tool to upload your own drawing.

Contact an Expert

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The Way To Keep Your Employees Smiling

If you manage a company, it is essential to make sure that your employees are happy with their working environment. Custom cubicles and office furniture can really help to create a space that employees love coming into every day. Here are just a few of the ways that this can increase employee happiness:

1. It Can Help to Create a More Productive Environment

If your employees feel like they are stuck in a cramped and cluttered space, it is going to be very difficult for them to stay focused and productive. By investing in custom cubicles and office furniture, you can create a much more spacious and open working environment.

For example, if you have a lot of employees who work on computers, it is important to make sure that they have enough space to spread out. If they feel cramped, they are not going to be able to work as effectively. Custom cubicles can give each employee their own private space to work in, which can really boost productivity.

2. It Can Make the Office More Comfortable

Another important way to keep your employees happy is to make sure that the office is comfortable. If they are constantly dealing with back pain or discomfort, it is going to be very difficult for them to stay focused on their work.

Investing in custom office furniture can help to create a much more comfortable working environment. For example, you can get chairs that are ergonomically designed to reduce back pain. You can also get cubicles that are the right size for your employees so they don’t feel like they are cramped up.

3. It Can Create a More Professional Image

If you want to attract and retain the best employees, it is important to have a professional image. If your office has dated furniture, it is not going to inspire confidence in your employees. By investing in custom cubicles and office furniture, you can create a much more modern and professional-looking space.

This will make it easier to attract top talent, and it will also make your current employees feel more proud to work for your company.

4. It Can Help to Promote a Positive Company Culture

Finally, custom cubicles and office furniture help to promote a positive company culture. If your employees are uncomfortable in their workspace, it is going to be difficult for them to feel good about their job.

By investing in custom cubicle design and office furniture, you can create a working environment that is comfortable and stylish. This will make it much easier for your employees to feel inspired and it will also help to attract new talent to your company.

Final Thoughts

If you want to keep your employees happy, it is important to invest in custom cubicles and office furniture. These simple changes can really make a big difference in employee happiness, productivity, and retention. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create the perfect working environment for your employees.

What’s the Future of the Office Desk?

The modern office is undergoing a metamorphosis. No longer confined to a single desk in a cubicle, workers are increasingly mobile, using laptops, tablets, and smartphones to stay connected from anywhere in the world. As the traditional office space evolves, so too does the desk.

Once a symbol of corporate conformity, the desk is now being reimagined as a versatile tool that can promote collaboration and creativity. So what does the future hold for the humble office desk? Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities that are shaping the way we work.

The Rise of the Standing Desk

In an effort to combat sedentary lifestyles, more employers are opting for standing desks. These desks are adjustable so you can alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day.

And they’re not just for individual workers; standing desks are also used in team areas and meeting rooms to encourage collaboration and creativity.

The Emergence of Collaborative Spaces

The open-plan office has been around for years, but it’s being taken to the next level with the emergence of collaborative spaces in the form of cubicle desks. A cubicle desk is designed to promote communication and collaboration, and it’s often used in conjunction with a standing desk.

Cubicle desks are made up of modular units that can be arranged in a variety of configurations, such as an L-shaped desk or a U-shaped workstation. Its ability to be reconfigured to meet the changing needs of a team is one of the cubicle desk’s greatest advantages. For example, a team working on a project can arrange their cubicle desks to form a circle so that everyone can easily see and talk to each other.

Office Desks Will Be Designed to Fit the Hybrid Working Conditions

The traditional office desk may be on its way out. In its place, a more versatile and comfortable U-shaped workstation is becoming the new standard in office design. This type of desk is designed to fit a hybrid working condition, providing ample space for both working from home and coming into the office. It also allows for more collaboration between coworkers and privacy when needed.

By breaking down the barriers between work and home, U-shaped workstations provide the perfect solution for the hybrid working condition. With plenty of space to spread out, these desks allow for a more productive work environment.

Create a Comfortable And Productive Working Station Today

The desk is evolving to meet the needs of the modern workplace. From standing desks to cubicle desks and U-shaped workstations, there is a desk for every type of worker. If you’re looking for a versatile and comfortable office desk, look no further than Cubicle by Design. We offer a wide selection of office desks designed to promote collaboration and creativity. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

How To Maximize The Ergonomics Of Office

The ergonomic structure of your office is an important aspect of your office space. It is often not something put a lot most people put a lot of thought into. Many people simply assume that as long as they set up an office with general office furniture for their employees that they should be all set to go. There is a big difference between a standard office setup and a fully ergonomically designed cubicle workspace.

Reducing Repetitive Motions

One thing all office managers should focus on is reducing the number of repetitive motions that an employee must make while they are on the job. This may sound like an oddly specific thing to target, but it is one of the best ways an office manager can help their employees avoid stains.

When employees are making the same repetitive motions from typing on a computer to how they sit at their desk, they run the risk of getting injured because they are not optimizing their comfort and efficiency. Investing in quality office furniture that accommodates their needs will keep employees safer and allow them to do the work that is required of them at the same time.

Increase Visibility

Another healthy change you can make for all of your employees is to increase their visibility around the office. Why does something like this matter? Because they need access to connect with all of their co-workers in meaningful ways. You might want to consider adding u-shaped cubicle desks or other collaboration-oriented furniture. It provides your employees the visual space to address people and see what is happening around the office.

The open visibility encourages increased productivity and gives staff a chance to enjoy the office environment that they work in.

Contact the Professionals

It is important to be mindful of your office setup, especially when remodeling and/or creating a new office environment. Whether you’re considering how your employees move or the visibility within a space, it’s clear choosing the right furniture helps with the ergonomics of your workplace. It starts with consulting the experts at Cubicial By Design. Contact us today.

How Office Trends Boost Employee Productivity And Enhance The Hybrid Work Environment

One way the world is changing right now is by the emergence of the hybrid workplace. While this leaves many employees feeling isolated due to having less interaction with coworkers, this is the future. Indeed, this change can also be extremely positive and flexible for everyone involved. Learning about the hybrid office and how it benefits employees can enhance productivity, health and well-being, and coworker satisfaction.  

How Businesses Are Accommodating Hybrid Employees

Businesses are accommodating hybrid employees by upgrading workspaces to fit individual and group needs. For instance, office trends include improving workplace culture for increased socialization, updating routines for better collaboration, helping employees stay connected with technology and tools, and recognizing employees to sustain culture. 

Besides this, the office space itself, such as furniture, is being reimagined and redesigned to create an environment that’s suitable for workers who enjoy greater autonomy. This new and exciting office environment is modernized for the benefit of employees and businesses. 

Benefits Of Creating A Hybrid Office Space

Working in a hybrid space can boost positivity, productivity, health, and well-being. Since furniture and spaces are designed with workers’ needs in mind, employees have the opportunity to relax in an office space that’s comfortable and collaborative or relaxing and private. This can make it easier for people to find the perfect spot to work on projects together and get creative. 

Alternatively, those who’d rather work solo can find a comfy area to focus on work and be alone for a while. Further, businesses are making sure that remote workers are included by using a meeting app such as Slack to communicate and stay connected. This can significantly decrease feelings of isolation, loneliness, and depression. This advanced technology makes working together easier. 

Types Of Desks And Cubicles That Support Hybridity

Businesses are promoting employee interaction by utilizing unique types of desks and cubicles to support hybridity. This means providing employees with casual meeting places and spaces for office celebrations that incorporate ergonomic furniture solutions. If you’re a hybrid worker, you likely feel isolated from your coworkers. But by encouraging your boss to incorporate hybrid furniture, you can make your life a lot easier. Whether you’re on the go or work remotely more often than not, you and your coworkers will be able to connect with relative ease. 

From standing desks to ergonomic office chairs, knowing how to properly design an office space can make a business run more smoothly. Businesses have the convenient option of adding a stand-alone cubicle, cubicle shelves, or other items to customize office space. Using cubicle shelves is a smart way to stay organized and stop wasting your time searching for lost items. On the other hand, the right cubicles can be comfortable for individuals while boosting productivity and personal happiness. 

Contact A Professional

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Custom-Fit Cubicles Are More Affordable Than You Think

Integrating a thoughtful office design with a tailored cubicle arrangement has become significantly more cost-effective than it was in the past. As a full-service floorplanning, design, and production company, we know cubicles and affordable pricing well. By managing every step of the process, our customized cubicles cost less, address your specific office needs, and only feature high-end materials that add lasting value to every business we serve.

With business-boosting benefits like additional floor space, optimized productivity, and an endless selection of customizable options available, our designs flow with an ever-evolving business model. We can keep it simple and modern with minimalist styles for enhanced focus, or elaborate your executive suites with beneficial ergonomics and organization upgrades for simplified day-to-day operations. Our custom-fit cubicles are more affordable than you think, and with a greater range of budget-friendly styles to choose from, it’s easy to justify one of the best business investments you’ll ever make. 

Even with a tight business budget, there are many ways we can help. In addition to our affordable options, here are some of the strategies our previous clients have used to make a new cubicle upgrade even more accessible. 

Sell Dated Office Equipment

Perhaps you’ve outgrown your current office layout but you don’t have the funds for a new design? Well, if you’re restructuring your interior, why not begin by offloading some of your underutilized or unnecessary items? There’s a huge market for second-hand office equipment, and you’ll be helping another company out by offering a great deal on your dated items.

Additionally, after we help you design a more functional office layout, you may discover that you don’t need as many of the desks, chairs, or storage items you currently have. We specialize in bringing out the true potential in your office space, and can quickly help you identify which pieces of furniture can be transformed into funding for your next update. 

Host A Fundraiser Or Community Event

You can support your much-needed office renovation by looking beyond the office. Have you considered hosting a fun local event or business function in support of your new project? You can even reach out to business donors or other supporters of your company directly; with a proposal outlining the anticipated business benefits associated with an optimized office layout, your business allies may be thrilled to assist with the update. Not only will a creative outreach project provide you with the additional cash flow you need, but you can drum up positive company recognition and connect with a few new clients at the same time. 

Design A Leaner Budget 

The answer to your budgeting concerns may become obvious after reviewing your current spending plan. Maybe your company could spend less on office parties, ineffective marketing campaigns, or other wasteful spending practices? Take an honest look at your current budget, and you may find that the money you need for some affordable office cubicles was right in front of your eyes.  

The Reasons Why a Good Cubicle Is the Best Investment You’ll Ever Make

When considering impactful ways to elevate productivity and streamline daily operations, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more versatile upgrade than a personalized cubicle design. With 5-6+ hours a day spent at the average workstation, investing in the right desk design is a direct investment in the foundation of your team. With advantages like safer ergonomics, optimized organization, and a limitless selection of modern office workstation styles to redefine the look and feel of your space, both your company and staff will reap the benefits for years to come.

Boosted Quality of Life at Work

Cubical By Design think enhancing staff comfort is the easiest way to support overall business wellbeing. Ultimately, without strategic consideration for proper ergonomic and adjustable systems that flow with your team’s physical needs, other elements of your business suffer as a result. To prevent potential office concerns, our dynamic and customizable cubicle designs are designed with your team’s daily needs in mind. 

We’re looking out for your team’s posture and improved morale with a variety of advanced and comfortable cubicle additions like: 

  • Automatic Reclining & Lumbar Supportive Seating
  • Personalized Desk Heights & a Variety of Sit-to-Stand Options
  • Supportive Ergonomic Accessories like Monitor Mounts to Prevent Neck Strain
  • Easily Accessible Storage Systems & Many More Staff-Friendly Cubicle Additions…


Targeted Productivity & Privacy Considerations

After checking off the key comfort criteria for your next office update, it’s important to think about your direct operational needs like staff privacy. If you’re concerned about the staff noise levels and/or lack of personal space in your office space, the simple inclusion of higher partitions between workstations may be exactly what you need. Is your office space too isolating? We can help you open up the layout to maximize interoffice engagement and teamwork.

Cubicles Promote Overall Office Efficiency

In addition to the useful privacy or open-air designs we provide, our integrated systems are built with your exact daily needs and floor plan in mind. Our cubicles are designed with efficiency in mind to optimize storage, improve aesthetics, and promote overall functionality.  

To achieve that cohesive flow, we offer a virtually limitless variety of elegant cubicle arrangements. For an idea of how incredibly valuable this can be for your office, check out our cubicle design tool to preview our flexible options for yourself. We can help you save floor space with a row cubicle design, maximize team collaboration with U-shaped workstations, and keep the entire office tidier with modern storage systems that are sleek, sturdy, and spacious. 

To learn more about the direct benefits our cubicles have to offer, contact our professional designers for free information and assistance with planning your next worthwhile cubicle investment.

Where is the Office Going?

Keeping up with the latest office design trends should offer more than just an impressive aesthetic. The office space has changed, and with monumental shifts in the workplace like social distancing and lower office capacity, Cubicles By Design is consistently examining and keeping up with the future of office design. So, where is the modern office space heading? Here are ways we can help your business keep pace with the shifting of the office dynamic. 

Maintain Peak Performance With a Better Office Design

If your business had to downsize or you’re company is exploring the option of a hybrid work schedule, introducing office elements that support your company’s new dynamic can greatly enhance the workspace. If you find that your open-air office layout does not offer the privacy some employees seek, stand-alone cubicles with higher profiles will keep your team in the zone. 

On the flip side, if your team’s communication is limited, or if your management team is unable to supervise effectively because of an obstructed cubicle layout, your office may benefit from desk designs that encourage open communication and uninterrupted management oversight.

These simple office adjustments are the future of the modern office. As we shift towards leaner operations and tighter budgets, maximizing your office’s potential with better organization systems and functional layouts is one of the easiest ways to overcome the adjustments. 

The Modern Office is Becoming Increasingly Digital

Along with functional interior layout, merging the latest technological advancements into the space is essential. Employees are spending more time in front of their screens, and with that increase comes a list of other considerations. 

To adapt to these digital trends and ensure that individuals have what they need to remain productive and healthy, we offer a variety of office solutions to address these modern trends, including: 

  • Consider Sit-to-Stand Desks: Providing individuals with desks that promote better mobility is key to preventing avoidable injury, poor office morale, and other issues associated with too much time spent in the seated position. 
  • Keep it Tidy: With all of the new digitization taking place, installing the right organization and storage systems to keep your offices clutter-free is another simple way to maximize peak performance in an increasingly digitized office environment.
  • Update Your Ergonomics: Protecting staff and supporting the flow of their workdays is easily accomplished with a few new ergonomic considerations. Better chairs, supportive desk mats underfoot, and properly aligned monitors will go a long way in keeping your team dedicated.

Looking for other ways to bring your office into the future? Contact our office experts for a free design consultation today.

Office Furniture to Upgrade Office Comfort

You may have a super busy day at work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t relax in style with an ergonomic chair or automated desk supporting your workday! Enhancing the comfortable features within your office space goes beyond just temporary pleasure; it’s proven that optimized ergonomics and improved office comforts significantly improve employee morale, reduce time off, and prevent a variety of office-related issues like back pain and repetitive-motion injuries. 

From corrected posture with enhanced lumbar support to desks that automatically adjust with your employees’ busy schedules, a reimagined office space that’s built for comfort is one of the easiest ways to support your staff, maintain peak performance, and better manage daily operations. If your office could benefit from any of these fundamental advantages, take a look at the latest cubicle office furniture designs that we have expertly engineered for the modern workplace. 

Redefine Your Seating Situation

Providing your staff with the gift of seating comfort is a decision that will create a positive ripple across the entirety of your business model. Not only will your employees greatly appreciate the thoughtful gesture, but you may find that the accompanying boost in productivity is directly related to your upgraded seating selections. 

From elegant conference room additions to modern individual cubicle seating options, we have a variety of seating styles to accommodate any office aesthetic or functional need. With thoughtfully incorporated elements like automated recline, ultra-supportive padding, and perfectly placed armrests for maximized comfort, our affordable line of office seating actively protect your posture and your budget. 

Innovative Desk Designs Liberate Your Work Life

Equally as important as establishing a more sturdy seating foundation, a reimagined desk layout is another impactful solution to consider for your next office update. A clear desk is a clear mind, and with our versatile sit-to-stand desks, multi-functional organization accessories, and fully customizable cubicle layouts, our professionally designed desks add both comfort and convenience to all of your essential operations. 

For enhanced employee privacy, we feature compact office workstation cubicles that are perfect for call centers and quiet workspaces. If you’re looking for an open-air office design, we feature a variety of minimally obtrusive desk options that naturally improve interoffice engagement and clearer communication. Any sized desks, any exclusive floor plan, and any functional needs can all be accommodated with our office experts powering your next desk upgrade. 

Optimize Your Office Space With Personalized Support

As your go-to resource for the latest in modern office improvements, our team offers direct assistance with complete office space reworks planned around your company’s specific goals. With your staff’s comfort in mind, we can build a new cubicle layout from the ground up, or complement your existing furniture with additional features like cord organizers, spacious drawer systems, and other useful accessories like under-desk keyboard mounts or spacious filing systems. 

If you’d like to learn more about our extensive office comfort solutions, contact our dedicated team for exceptional service today.