Where is the Office Going

Where is the Office Going?

Keeping up with the latest office design trends should offer more than just an impressive aesthetic. The office space has changed, and with monumental shifts in the workplace like social distancing and lower office capacity, Cubicles By Design is consistently examining and keeping up with the future of office design. So, where is the modern office space heading? Here are ways we can help your business keep pace with the shifting of the office dynamic. 

Maintain Peak Performance With a Better Office Design

If your business had to downsize or you’re company is exploring the option of a hybrid work schedule, introducing office elements that support your company’s new dynamic can greatly enhance the workspace. If you find that your open-air office layout does not offer the privacy some employees seek, stand-alone cubicles with higher profiles will keep your team in the zone. 

On the flip side, if your team’s communication is limited, or if your management team is unable to supervise effectively because of an obstructed cubicle layout, your office may benefit from desk designs that encourage open communication and uninterrupted management oversight.

These simple office adjustments are the future of the modern office. As we shift towards leaner operations and tighter budgets, maximizing your office’s potential with better organization systems and functional layouts is one of the easiest ways to overcome the adjustments. 

The Modern Office is Becoming Increasingly Digital

Along with functional interior layout, merging the latest technological advancements into the space is essential. Employees are spending more time in front of their screens, and with that increase comes a list of other considerations. 

To adapt to these digital trends and ensure that individuals have what they need to remain productive and healthy, we offer a variety of office solutions to address these modern trends, including: 

  • Consider Sit-to-Stand Desks: Providing individuals with desks that promote better mobility is key to preventing avoidable injury, poor office morale, and other issues associated with too much time spent in the seated position. 
  • Keep it Tidy: With all of the new digitization taking place, installing the right organization and storage systems to keep your offices clutter-free is another simple way to maximize peak performance in an increasingly digitized office environment.
  • Update Your Ergonomics: Protecting staff and supporting the flow of their workdays is easily accomplished with a few new ergonomic considerations. Better chairs, supportive desk mats underfoot, and properly aligned monitors will go a long way in keeping your team dedicated.

Looking for other ways to bring your office into the future? Contact our office experts for a free design consultation today.