Custom-Fit Cubicles Are More Affordable Than You Think

Custom-Fit Cubicles Are More Affordable Than You Think

Integrating a thoughtful office design with a tailored cubicle arrangement has become significantly more cost-effective than it was in the past. As a full-service floorplanning, design, and production company, we know cubicles and affordable pricing well. By managing every step of the process, our customized cubicles cost less, address your specific office needs, and only feature high-end materials that add lasting value to every business we serve.

With business-boosting benefits like additional floor space, optimized productivity, and an endless selection of customizable options available, our designs flow with an ever-evolving business model. We can keep it simple and modern with minimalist styles for enhanced focus, or elaborate your executive suites with beneficial ergonomics and organization upgrades for simplified day-to-day operations. Our custom-fit cubicles are more affordable than you think, and with a greater range of budget-friendly styles to choose from, it’s easy to justify one of the best business investments you’ll ever make. 

Even with a tight business budget, there are many ways we can help. In addition to our affordable options, here are some of the strategies our previous clients have used to make a new cubicle upgrade even more accessible. 

Sell Dated Office Equipment

Perhaps you’ve outgrown your current office layout but you don’t have the funds for a new design? Well, if you’re restructuring your interior, why not begin by offloading some of your underutilized or unnecessary items? There’s a huge market for second-hand office equipment, and you’ll be helping another company out by offering a great deal on your dated items.

Additionally, after we help you design a more functional office layout, you may discover that you don’t need as many of the desks, chairs, or storage items you currently have. We specialize in bringing out the true potential in your office space, and can quickly help you identify which pieces of furniture can be transformed into funding for your next update. 

Host A Fundraiser Or Community Event

You can support your much-needed office renovation by looking beyond the office. Have you considered hosting a fun local event or business function in support of your new project? You can even reach out to business donors or other supporters of your company directly; with a proposal outlining the anticipated business benefits associated with an optimized office layout, your business allies may be thrilled to assist with the update. Not only will a creative outreach project provide you with the additional cash flow you need, but you can drum up positive company recognition and connect with a few new clients at the same time. 

Design A Leaner Budget 

The answer to your budgeting concerns may become obvious after reviewing your current spending plan. Maybe your company could spend less on office parties, ineffective marketing campaigns, or other wasteful spending practices? Take an honest look at your current budget, and you may find that the money you need for some affordable office cubicles was right in front of your eyes.