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Whether you’re moving to a bigger office space or your company has decided to save money by sending employees home to work, odds are good that you’re scrambling to figure out what you’re going to do with all of your office furniture. For years, professional businesses in Bucks County, PA have trusted Cubicle by Design to tear down, move, and set up their offices. Let us help your commercial space or office have a stress-free move or remodel!

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Let Us Install Your Workspace Cubicles

Our office installation services in Phoenixville, PA, and office furniture installation in Allentown, PA, Doylestown, PA, and Bucks County, PA have been known in the community for years. Our team of highly trained professional movers, assembly, and installation services experts can easily assemble and install everything from office furniture to cubicles within hours.


Don’t make the mistake of assigning your existing custodial or professional staff to build their own offices! All too often, staff who are untrained will make mistakes during assembly and installations that can lead to expensive repairs down the road. Improper assembly and installation of furniture and cubicles can result in workplace injuries that an employer is liable for. Having untrained staff build their own offices often takes days or even weeks away from the work that you hired them to do.


Make sure the job gets done right, on time, and with minimal disruption to the workday with Cubicle by Design.

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Looking To Get Rid Of Your Office Furniture?

Of course, if you’re looking to tear down an old office in Doylestown, PA, or Bucks County, PA, we can help with that too. Office tear-downs and furniture removal are more than just moving furniture to a communal dumpster. It’s often possible to retain some value in the furniture if it is moved and stored properly. Furthermore, hiring professional movers ensures that the walls and other structural elements of the office building will be protected, your workers and staff will be safe, and that your office will be in compliance with local laws and ordinances regarding the disposal of construction waste.


Whether you’re looking to remodel or move out of your old offices or commercial space, the exceptional professional team at Cubicle by Design in Bucks County, PA is here to help.


For years, customers have trusted our company to do office furniture installation in Delaware County, PA, office moving all across Bucks County, PA, and even cubicle installation in Montgomery County, PA. We can complete most services in less than a day, and we’re more than willing to work around your business schedule.


We are experts in office set-up, construction, installations, and removal services, and we can’t wait to help you have a stress-free transition. Contact us today to learn more!