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Looking For Reputable Cubicle Installation Services in Allentown, PA?

If your company is moving to a new office space, or if you’re just starting a new business and need to open up new commercial space, the task of setting up your new offices can seem daunting. Cubicle and furniture installation can be a time-consuming process, especially for staff or business owners who are not trained on how to properly assemble these large pieces. Instead of wasting valuable time trying to do the work yourself, why not hire a team of professional installation experts?


At Cubicles by Design, we have years of experience with office furniture assembly in Bucks County, PA, and Allentown, PA as well as services such as designing, installing, and assembling office spaces. Whether you need to redesign your existing space to make room for more employees, or if you’re moving to a new location, we’ll be happy to help you and your staff design an office space that is functional and inviting.


As one of the premier office furniture installation companies in Montgomery County, PA, and Allentown, PA we’re happy to help companies in our local area with all of their office cubicle and furniture installation and design needs. We know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to cubicle installations in Philadelphia, PA, and we’re eager to show you why we’re the best choice. Our furniture and cubicle installer professionals can often get jobs done in less than a day and with minimal disruption to the work routine of most offices.

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We Can Help With Office Disposal & Cleanouts

Of course, nearly every new office design means that there is an office that needs to be cleaned out. Fortunately, services such as office cleanouts and disassembly are another one of our specialties. Whether you want to preserve pieces from your old office to use in the new one, or if you just want to get rid of everything as quickly and efficiently as possible, we can help.


Don’t make the mistake of assuming your existing staff can simply haul everything you no longer want to the dumpster. Untrained staff will often break important items or worse, injure themselves or others during the disassembly process. Of course, as the employer, you would be liable for any damage or harm caused during this process.


At Cubicles by Design, our professional installer team carries insurance and has extensive training to ensure that the companies we work with won’t have to deal with these problems whenever they move or redesign their offices. With Cubicles by Design, we routinely perform office services such as cleanouts and installations with minimal disruption to a company’s operations.

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