About Our Cubicle Blog


Thank you for visiting our blog! A disclaimer: You may not find this “launch” post to be our most exciting one. While we are thrilled to add this element to our website and share our knowledge and personalities, we realize that if you are reading this you have probably seen our other more informational and fun pieces. Read on to learn why we started this blog and what we hope to achieve with it going forward.

Two Things We Know as Cubicle and Office Furniture People

As cubicle and office furniture veterans – some of us have been in the business for over 25 years – we know two things:

1) Buying office cubes, desks, chairs, and other furniture isn’t the most awesome thing in the world; and 2) Office layouts are changing.

Starting with the first point, we know that many times someone in the office who isn’t a cubicle/office furniture expert usually ends up being tasked with the job of buying these products. It’s kind of like the person who is tasked with buying party favors and cake for an office party, just not as fun and sugary. As a result, there is often a lot of confusion – especially when it comes to buying cubes.

Regarding office layouts, we know that many companies are purchasing “ergonomic” furniture, low-level cube walls, and various cubicle accessories. So with more options comes even more confusion.

The goal of our cubicle blog is simple: To help and assist individuals and their companies so they can create the best workspaces for their organizational needs. We do this by eliminating jargon, presenting options in a clear manner, and simplifying the process so that whoever is in charge of the buying can complete their task and get back to their real job.

How Our Blog Can Help You

This blog is intended to be educational and informational but also fun and compelling. We will create and share content for various audiences, from business owners to office administrators to worker bees. Below are some of the topics we’ll cover.

  • Office Life: Practical ideas, interviews, healthy inspirations, and office hacks to make the “home away from home” more enjoyable.
  • Business Operations Tips: Information about marketing, employee engagement, accounting, and other topics to help business leaders enhance staff productivity and be more successful.
  • Purchasing Aides: Buying guides, definitions, and other helpful aides presented in layman’s terms for business owners, executive administrators, office managers, human resources personnel, purchasing directors, and other people responsible for purchasing cubes and other office furniture.
  • Business Partner Resources: Useful resources that can be utilized by our business partners, including architects and commercial realtors.

You can also follow us on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter for more resources. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!