How Good Ergonomics Can Save You Money

The health benefits of proper ergonomics are just the beginning of the impactful advantages that accompany correct body alignment in the workplace. As the progression of modern-day office ailments due to poor posture has become a serious concern, proactively protecting office workers with better ergonomics has taken center stage within leading organizations. When considering long-term employee health, improved productivity, and enhanced quality of life, ergonomics top the list of important considerations. 

Prevent Missed Days at Work

Back pain and associated disorders are among the leading reasons that employees call out sick. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2013, Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) accounted for 33% of all worker injury and illness cases. These staggering statistics are costing companies serious cash, and companies are reconsidering their office design budgets to protect their employees and their bottom lines. 

Our cubicle workspaces are designed to prevent a variety of common ergonomic issues. With unique office space options like sit-to-stand desks and weight-adjusting ergonomic chairs, our office solutions are healing backs, preventing days off, and lead to greater productivity across the board. 

Healthy Ergonomics Improve Workflow

When you’re comfortable, and your posture is perfectly aligned, it’s only natural that you accomplish more. Correct posture enhances blood flow and reduces pain; improved focus, elevated mood, and increased employee engagement are all-natural benefits of simple adjustments to the ergonomic considerations within an office. 

A sit-to-stand desk is one of the best ways to enhance daily workflow. Instead of idly leaning back all day, the option to work in various standing positions allows for a more energetic workspace. With versatile sit-to-stand options available, transforming your desk into a range of accommodating positions has never been easier. 

Reduce Errors & Improve Organization

Along with improved health, focus, and employee satisfaction, ergonomics have lasting impacts on companies’ long-term success. When your workforce can perform their tasks without struggling through the day, your organization experiences fewer errors and reduced oversights. Every aspect of an organization is interconnected, and when your employees are properly supported throughout the day, this leads to growth throughout every area of the organization. 

On top of experiencing fewer office mistakes with better ergonomics, improved employee workflow leads to tidier desk spaces and inter-office organization. With the modern solutions offered at Cubicle By Design, maintaining organization with our expertly designed desk and storage solutions is simple.  

We understand that better ergonomics lead to better days at work, and all of our products have been carefully engineered to bring out the best in natural posture for office improvements that last. To get started improving your workspace, check out our free office design tool today!